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2017 "quality improves 10,000 miles" -- welcome the leadership of China waterproof association to visit Yang's waterproof

Click:2017Publisher:Yang'sRelease time:2018-01-08

On the morning of October 24, the Chinese construction waterproof association's construction waterproof industry "quality promotion 10,000 li" media visited a group to walk into the sichuan yangzhda waterproof material co. LTD. Accompanied by the sichuan building waterproof association secretary-general li yan, director of the China association of building waterproof ZhengYan wang, editor of China quality network reporter Zhu Zhu, Ed., property of sichuan news network reporter liu, editor, etc. To visit our company to inspect and guide.

Yang xiaolin, general manager of Yang's waterproof and general assistant, led the leaders to visit various departments of the factory and told them about the company's environmental facilities and production philosophy.

Factory workshop, the factory director xu Xu Tianyong, technical director Mr Wang consequent reporters accompanying the leadership, the interpretation of enthusiasm all production equipment and production processes, and shows the advanced production assembly line, and the engineering construction and production technical question has carried on the detailed answers.

Later, a group visited the company's research and development department and product demonstration lab. The leaders of the association gave high praise and praise to the company's equipment environment and advanced production philosophy.

Talk in the meeting, everybody on product and technical question has carried on the deep discussion and communication, and waterproof in the future market of discussion and planning, in young's "waterproof" in scientific and technological innovation in the development of the concept of the China association of building waterproof ZhengYan director wang is extremely high.

This visit has made the company fully aware of the importance the leaders attach to our work, and sincerely thank the leaders for their recognition and encouragement. Flying dreams and achieving the future, we will improve ourselves and continue to innovate, striving for a new step in the waterproof field.
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