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Yang's group sichuan company organizes employee winter field outreach activities.

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December 16 - December 17, Yang's group sichuan company organizes employee winter field outreach activities.

16 at noon, young's group, sichuan company all staff under the guidance of the tour guide to take the bus, in the sunshine, after more than three hours of turbulence came to our destination -- - wenzhou, t he meng tuen mun river canyon.

At 4:00 PM, we visited the village of Tibetan people with the guide and lived in the home of a Tibetan people. Friendly, warm and hospitable hosts, each of us who came from afar, offered the white hada; Let us feel intimate, as if we have seen our relatives; Full of intimacy; In initiated the plum was settled, we all staff wearing their own equipment, walking in meng mountains, the tuen mun river looked down from the mountain streams and springs, that kind of pure and clean let us deeply comprehend: "mountains is jinshan silver"; The ancient Tibetan architecture can be seen on the mountains in the distance, the top of which is the splendid temple.

In the evening, local special Tibetan hotpot, let all of us praise. After dinner, a big bonfire was lit in the backyard, and a fat Tibetan sheep rolled back and forth on the fire. The big sisters from the surrounding collectors invited each of us to join in a lively dance around the campfire, with a lively music dance. We started a lively bonfire party; The generous collector moved to an altar full of barley wine and fine wine. Gradually with the deepening of the night, people slowly indulge in the dream of the collectors.

17 we also was in sleep wake up early in the morning, a new journey began, it was a day of destination is meng tuen mun river grand canyon, has yet to enter the winter meng tuen mun is particularly cold morning, the sky the snowflakes fell little point, that the young's employees to the gurgling streams from the foot of the hill slowly into the mountains in the distance.

The scenery here although there is no lofty emei, without risks jung huashan, no gorgeous serdang snow mountain, but there is a simple, natural, the footprints left by the tourists do not on the road, but the fluctuation of cattle sheep every day. Into the mountains in the snow on the road more and more thick, the sky snow more casual, but in the wild expansion of time, every one of us play very satisfied, more active amidst a team atmosphere.


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