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Highlights: Yang's waterproof staff National Day Mid-Autumn festival.

Click:2017Publisher: Yang'sRelease time:2018-01-09

Yang's 17 - year "double festival" activity ended successfully!

To celebrate the holidays, sharing joy, carry forward the Chinese traditional culture, we base on the eve of National Day, Mid-Autumn festival in young's factory held a grand welcome "double festival, celebration activities for the holidays. Employees, leaders, and all "young people" in the company are actively involved and enjoy it. The activity content is rich and wonderful, the singing competition in all of the singing competition, the interpretation; In the crossword contest, the group of people are thinking hard and thinking; At the party, people are happy, cheerful and cheerful, and the celebration activities let everyone loose themselves and get together.

Through this activity, employees communicate with each other and understand each other, so that employees of the company can get closer together and become more friendly and united in their work and life. No matter in a country, or a nation, a family, a business, solidarity is the heart of the trust, is the loyalty of the liver and gall, is a concerted effort. Unity, closer the distance between people, the distance between the country and the country, to think of our tomorrow better, unity is the greatest strength! As a member of the national enterprise, Youngstown will join hands with the motherland to share the progress and achieve the same achievements! Happy mother's day! Yang's da is with you!

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