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Through many years of efforts, Yang zhida adhered to the brand and quality route, made great breakthroughs in the national market, and established marketing outlets in most cities.
Yang's waterproof national sales network radiation map.

In order to give users quality service, our company will carry out various services in pre-sale, sale and after-sale service to satisfy the customers.

1. The company provides users with various technical consulting services, and provides relevant technical information, such as product samples, product specifications, product structure diagrams, etc.
2. Our company will warmly receive and reply to users' calls, letters and inquiries. For the products that our company cannot produce and purchase temporarily, we also need to explain the reasons and provide information to the users.
3. After the contract is signed, our company should organize production according to quality. Our company actively cooperate with the users and provide the convenience of life.
4. Our company will pay attention to and improve the opinions on the quality of products produced by the users.
5. For the products ordered by the major works, our company will notify the user to participate in the joint inspection before the factory inspection, and our company will provide the users with the convenience of work and life.
6. Before the product is delivered, our company is responsible for contacting the customers to transport the vehicles, loading the car free of charge, and notifying the users to pick up the goods in time, and providing the customers with product quality certificates and shipping documents.
7, when the product is shipped to the user, if due to transportation, the product is damaged, our company will send someone to assist users to deal with the carrier claims, consultation solution, and actively send someone to repair, to achieve customer satisfaction.
8. When the product is shipped, if there are any number of omissions, misstatements or undersupply, we will send someone to the site for service and treatment immediately after receiving the notice.
9. In the course of user's use, if we find the product quality problem caused by our company's responsibilities, our company will make a reply within 24 hours after receiving the notice; If you need to send someone to handle it, ensure that you immediately send someone to the site and troubleshoot it for free, so that the equipment can be put into operation again in the shortest time. Do not need to go to the field service, must be good staff, provide the best treatment plan for the user.
10, the company sent to the user on-site service, should be agreed with the user phone date of arrival, if due to some objective reasons, cannot be duly arrived, should notify the user in advance, and the reasons why or take corresponding measures to ensure that the user is not affected by losses or reduce the losses to a minimum.

11. If we confirm by both parties that the product quality problem is caused by our company's manufacturing, and we cannot continue to use it, our company is responsible for "three guarantees", namely, warranty, replacement and refund.