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Market analysis

The industry waterproof is not conspicuous relatively concealed industry, because of its particularity, the national waterproof market consumption potential is quite huge. Now people of waterproof products of consumer consciousness to strengthen environmental protection, at the same time the importance of building waterproof also gradually improve, only chengdu-chongqing economic circle water consumption is billions of yuan a year, the national waterproof annual consumption in the hundreds of billions of yuan of above, industry prospect, market stability, has a high rate of return.

How to become a dealer?

1. Have certain financial strength, speak good faith and regain credibility.
2. Individuals or companies with strong business philosophy.
3. Have certain popularity in local construction industry or waterproof industry.
4. Have their own fixed office and team.

The responsibility and obligation of the manufacturer.
1. Provide technical services and training for dealers.
2. Provide product brochures and samples for dealers.
3. The manufacturer propagandizes the enterprise products through the media in all major cities of China.
4. National unified sales price.
5. Adopt strict regional management system for each dealer, and do not get permission from local dealers to sell across regions, and manufacturers are no exception.
6. The manufacturer will reward the dealers with outstanding sales performance.

Our advantages

Policy support

1. Early consulting services: industry and market analysis; Discussion on business model; Market operation guidance.
2. Special support for opening shops: opening shop Suggestions; Decoration, decoration and display guidance of goods; One-to-one on-site instruction and training; Store recruitment, samples, shelves, promotional materials, MEDALS, advertising gifts and other first free material support.
3. Targeted policy promotion: high advertising and material support; Regional market targeted support plan.
4. Long-term all-round support: brand communication - comprehensive media brand promotion; Network promotion; Enterprise publications; Public relations promotion. Service support - professional, efficient and perfect service platform, 400 national unified customer service hotline, official website online customer service. Marketing promotion - advertising promotion planning, advertising/gift materials, advertising/information design optical disks, marketing strategy Suggestions, marketing guidance. Technical support - test report, technical data, construction guidance.
Regular training - provide training in industry, marketing products and technology through various means.