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In 2005, the company was established in guizhou, guizhou province, and its name is guizhou yangzhida waterproof engineering co., LTD.

2006 - won the national building waterproof grade iii construction qualification.

2008 -
1. Upgraded to national level 2 qualification, anti-corrosion and insulation level-3 qualification;
2. Sichuan yangzhida waterproof material co., ltd. was founded in chengdu, and the company invested tens of millions of yuan to establish a waterproof production base in xindu district, chengdu city, sichuan province. For the company's business radiation southwest, northwest advance layout.

2009 - waterproofing materials and waterproof coating production line installation is complete, and pilot run is successful, new waterproofing materials and environmental protection is waterproof coating on the market, obtain good effect, achieve the anticipated target of the factory when see benefits.

In 2010, the technical team developed a new water-based elastic waterproof coating, tugu-831 polymer reactive waterproof coating, which has high performance, high adhesion and environmental protection.

In 2011, "Yang's da" trademark was awarded "famous trademark of guiyang city" by the municipal government of guiyang.

- 2012 technical team developed a new kind of wet shop waterproofing materials, polymer YSD - 100 wet rubber polymer waterproofing materials, the product with wet method, high tensile strength, excellent performance, such as strong bonding at the grass-roots level.

2013 -
1. The waterproofing project of the second phase of the flower orchard project of the world's largest real estate project, which is the largest in the world, has a total construction area of over 20 million square meters.
2. Guizhou yangzhida waterproof engineering co., LTD. Established sichuan branch. Responsible for the construction and business development of waterproof and thermal insulation works in sichuan province.

2014 - technical team successfully developed a new generation of reaction sticky waterproofing materials, PCR wet shop type reaction bonding type polymer waterproofing materials, the construction of the product performance, technical indicators, the waterproof effect leads the traditional coil.

In 2015, guizhou yangzhida waterproof engineering co., ltd. was renamed as guizhou yangzhida construction engineering co., LTD., with a registered capital of 60 million, and qualified as a waterproof and anti-corrosion thermal insulation qualification.

2016 -
1. The registered capital of sichuan yangshi da waterproof material co., ltd. increased to 50 million yuan;
2. Promoted to the standing member of China construction waterproof association;
3. Promoted to vice President of sichuan building waterproof association.

2017 -
1. Establishment of enterprise technology r&d center;
2. Established university-industry research and research cooperation with xihua university in sichuan province, and strengthened the technical integration with colleges and universities.